The Health Care Club attracts a range of Johnson students interested in the healthcare industry across multiple functions - from marketing, to consulting, to finance.

Members are given a number of resources during the academic year, to build up their knowledge of the industry, and the constituents and complexity of the healthcare ecosystem. Students gain this knowledge from industry workshops and bootcamps, treks to companies of interest, contact with alumni (either previous club members, or Johnson students currently working in pharmaceutical/biotechnology/medical device companies), and networking opportunities.

Johnson students not only have access to the healthcare resources within the business school, but also in the broader Cornell community. From taking coursework at the Sloan program for Healthcare Administration, to participating in the campus Biotechnology incubator, to working with device/software inventors in other academic departments to develop go-to-market and commercialization strategies - Johnson MBAs have several avenues to join in healthcare projects across campus, gaining practical experience outside of the classroom. This in-depth exposure to various aspects of the healthcare industry provides Johnson students with the tools they need to become competitive candidates, and successfully contribute their skills to an internship or full-time position.