The Health Care Club is dedicated to sharing the passions and supporting the career interests of students at Johnson and within the greater Cornell graduate community. We are made up of students with varied post-MBA goals across general management, marketing, tech, consulting, and finance.

Through the Health Care Club students have access to industry education, recruiting support, alumni and corporate networking, case competitions and conferences, and social events.

Industry Education:

Deep dives into current trends and various segments of the healthcare industry to increase member knowledge and fluency in the space.

  • Healthcare 101’s Sessions
  • Alumni WebEx Presentations
  • Recruiting Support: Facilitate internship and full-time recruiting with healthcare companies both on and off-campus.
  • “Functional Focus Meetings” (Marketing, General Management, Consulting, and Finance)
  • Resume Books
  • Database of Recruiting Opportunities & Connections for Off-Campus Networking

Alumni & Corporate Networking:

  • Coordinate opportunities for students to network with healthcare companies and for alumni to strengthen connections with the Johnson community.
  • Networking Treks
  • Healthcare Symposium
  • Case Competitions and Conferences: Grow Johnson’s reputation for healthcare excellence in the greater MBA community by sponsoring students and teams to attend case competitions and conferences.
  • Case Competitions (e.g. Bayer Cup, Rutgers, Kellogg)
  • Healthcare Conferences (e.g. Columbia, MIT)

Social Events:

  • Provide opportunities for students to build relationships within the Johnson community.
  • Sponsor Sage Social
  • Happy Hours
  • Destination Johnson Reception